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Weight Loss Frequency

An adequate nutrition is fundamental for a good health. By providing your body all the required nutrients you can look younger, have enough energy and control your weight naturally and safely. But due to the demands of daily activities and the lack of knowledge in terms of food, it is very difficult to achieve an optimal, balanced and complete diet.

It is important to be aware that on a daily basis we must feed around three billion cells that make up our body. The proper performance of the organism depends on the integrity of each component, which can be evaluated through our eyes. By acquiring optimal alimentary habits it is possible to gradually restore the wellbeing of each system. Therefore, it is essential to be informed about the nutritional properties of each food and how they support our health.

The body needs around 114 basic nutrients every day. An optimal diet includes macronutrients like carbohydrates, proteins and fats as well as micronutrients like minerals, aminoacids and vitamins. It is also important to provide the organism adequate amounts of water and fiber. Over 60% of current diseases such as diabetes, anxiety, constipation, gastritis, tumors, migraines, hormonal problems, obesity, anemia and many others are triggered by bad alimentary habits.

By balancing the intake of fats, carbohydrates and proteins it is possible to avoid and prevent many diseases. Not only it is important not to exceed the daily calorie limit, but also it is essential to obtain them from a healthy source. Each food has its own unique features and provides your body with certain nutrients. However, it is important to be aware there are also some elements which can even speed up the ageing process of your body.

In order to keep your body in perfect conditions you have to resort to nutritional elements with a high content of antioxidants and which can naturally promote cell regeneration. Soon you will discover that fruits (like acai berries), vegetables and cereals are the best sources of nutrients you will ever find. You can complement such diet with additional resources like healing frequencies. If you want to know more about my research related to that field and iridology, I invite you to visit my main website.