Formulation for Acai Berry Select


You should take one capsule of Acai Berry Select twenty minutes before taking your breakfast, and the next capsule should be taken twenty minutes before having your lunch. Do not take Acai Berry Select within five hours before bedtime. If you really want to achieve your goals related to weight loss, you should include an exercise routine in your program.

 50mg of extract of Acai Berry

Acai Berry has been catalogued as a superfood, and it is considered as the best food of this category since it has even fifteen times the antioxidants contained on grapes. Acai berries are rich in amino acids, omega fats, proteins, antioxidants and vitamins such as A, B1 and E. These berries are used on Brazil as a culinary compliment, it is also used for the treatment of digestive disorders, irritated skin and they are even employed to treat the insomnia. Since it has very low levels of sugar, it is ideal for people affected by diabetes. Just recently it has been discovered that Acai Berry helps the organism to be healthier and with more energy. With the help of the antioxidants contained on Acai Berry it is possible to combat premature aging.

Another virtue of Acai Berry is the capacity of detoxifying the body, providing support to the digestive metabolism of the person and helping on the detoxication of the colon, without considering a variety of additional benefits provided by this superfood. A scientific study made on 2006 has proven that antioxidants contained on Acai Berry can induce death faster on leukemia cells in vitro, therefore in the future it may be used on the fight against cancer.

Acai Berry also regulates the levels of cholesterol on the organism, reducing in this way the risk for a heart attack on men and women. Acai Berry is also known as the Amazonian Viagra, since it is a great promoter of libido, sexual health and stamina for both women and men. Acai Berry also enhances overall health while promoting the loss of excessive weight.

Chromium 75mcg

Chromium is considered as an essential element on the metabolism of carbohydrates and lipids.

Extract of Green Tea

This is a type of Camellia sinensis tea which provides a wide variety of healthy benefits. It has been found that the extract of green tea helps on the reduction of bad cholesterol; it prevents the propagation of free radicals, and is useful on the prevention of serious conditions like the Alzheimer.

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