Prevention and treatment of kidney diseases

Among all the organs that contribute to the maintenance of the constancy of the internal environment of the body, kidneys are without any doubt, the most important.

Acai Berry

Kidneys are in charge of the elimination of toxins and metabolism waste products such as nitrogen, sulfur and hormonal substances among others. On the other hand, they are also responsible for maintaining our ph balanced.

An overload of toxins on the blood stream can lead to health complications affecting the kidneys, so, it is very important to immediately change your diet and increase your intake of healthier food in order to cleanse your blood and assist your kidneys. Acai berries can become an excellent complement of a healthy diet, since they contain high levels of antioxidants and other nutrients that are necessary for the health of kidneys.

Frequent causes for renal diseases

Kidneys are responsible for the removal of waste from blood; waste products come as a result of the normal metabolism of ingested food. Kidneys are also responsible for the elimination of chemical residuals of ingested medicines, preventing their accumulation on blood.

Acai Berry

Any renal disease leads to a gradual reduction of the function of kidneys, and among the most common causes for renal conditions we can find systemic diseases such as vascular inflammation, diabetes and lupus; additionally there are included congenital malformations, high blood pressure, tumors, kidney stones and repeated infections of the urinary tract.

Also, many viral or bacterial infections of the throat, skin and heart valves can trigger the emergence of acquired acute or chronic renal diseases. Renal damage is not caused by the infection itself, but by the antibodies produced by the organism as a answer to the infection.

Useful properties of Acai Berry on the treatment of renal conditions

Acai berries, which come from palm trees of the South American native forests, are these little berries of purple coloration with a taste which is similar to a combination of chocolate with fruits and red wine, these berries gather are very rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids and fiber, thus they represent valuable allies for overall health.

According to studies published on medical magazines, which have been developed over the properties of Acai berries, it was found that participants who ingested the berries were able to absorb a significant amount of antioxidants on blood, in this way the antioxidants contributed on the treatment of renal conditions.

Acai Berry