Acai Berry

Naturally recover the balance of your body

Acai Berry has gained popularity due to its capacity for promoting a healthy weight loss, however, is this popularity based on real facts?

Hi, I’m Emily, and I’m glad to have you here! I’m sure you’ve been looking for objective information regarding this natural food supplement known as Acai Berry. You must be aware by now that finding objective and fact based information about a popular fruit is not easy, and that’s why I decided to make a research of my own.

The idea came up after I was invited to participate on a Weight Loss Diet conference, as a health counselor I am always collecting information about the healthiest treatments, thus this time I decided to find out what is behind such a famous brand of weight loss pills, in order to share such information with you so you can take a decision based on facts regarding this line of supplements.

In summary, this is what you are going to get:

  • What is Acai Berry?
  • Key Properties
  • How are Acai Berry supplements different from other Weight Loss Pills?
  • How does Acai Berry work?
  • Major benefits of Acai Berry
  • Side effects of Acai Berry
  • Acai Berry clinical studies
  • The final conclusion
  • Where to buy Acai Berry safety

What is Acai Berry?

Since you have come here probably you already have found some information regarding this fruit, however, for those who haven’t read or heard about Acai Berry, let’s take a look to the main features of this fruit.

Acai Berry is a natural weight loss supplement, which comes in a presentation of pills. Each pill contains a powder formula which main ingredient is acai berry, a little fruit which comes from a palm tree native from the north region of South America. This is an edible fruit and is used as an ingredient of drinks, ice creams and candies. Basically, all the benefits provided by Acai Berry come from this little fruit.

The key ingredient: Acai Berry

The acai berry has a shape of a small rounded black-purple ball; in appearance it is very similar to a grape, but with a smaller size and less pulp. The acai berry constitutes the most important component of the diet of the population of the Brazillian Amazon, where the palm tree has been cultivated for centuries.

This fruit has many nutritional qualities which promote detoxication, the preservation of the good state of cells, and weight loss. The antioxidants contained on this fruit preserve the cells from the attacks from free radicals, which are found on foods and on the environment and which are responsible for the ageing of tissues. In addition, acai berries provide the organism a wide variety of vitamins which are required for the best performance of the body, on each one hundred grams of this fruit there can be found 1002U of A vitamin as small amounts of C vitamin. It also provides minerals such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, cooper and zinc.

However, as it is explained by the manufacturers, in order to collect the maximum benefits of this fruit it is required to supply the body a concentrated amount of this fruit if we consider its small size and that the seed constitutes most of the fruit.

How are Acai Berry supplements different from other Weight Loss Pills?

Acai Berry seems to provide enough energy to the body through the weight loss process, since many people who begin to lose weight by means of dietary regime experience dizziness and fatigue since the body supplies of energy are suddenly removed. According to the explanation of the manufacturers, when the body is used to accept a certain amount and type of food and once it is reduced or removed, the body enters in a phase of hibernation.

Therefore, the properties of acai berries allow it to provide enough sources of energy to the organism so the person is able a normal rhythm of activity and at the same time adopt healthier eating habits.

How does Acai Berry work?

Each one hundred grams of this fruit known as acai berry contains about eight grams of proteins which are required to build muscle at the time the person is losing fat, at this point it is important to remember that a healthy weight loss process involves only fat burning, not the loss of lean muscle which sometimes is the inevitable consequence of other unhealthy treatments.

On each one hundred grams of this fruit there can also be found about forty four grams of fiber, which is essential for an internal cleansing if the digestive tract, and therefore to promote weight loss. There is a wastage material which can remain in a state of putrefaction inside the colon, in many cases this wastage constitutes about five percent of the weight of the person, therefore by removing such wastage the person is not only losing weight but also cleaning the organism from the inside.

Major benefits of Acai Berry

The vitamins and minerals as the antioxidants provided by Acai Berry reduce the levels of bad cholesterol which is also known as LDL, while they also increment the levels of HDL or good cholesterol.

The vitamin A is essential for skin hydration and elasticity. Potassium, zinc, magnesium, calcium and cooper promote a healthy heart and healthy bones. C vitamin is also important since it helps the organism to combat infections. But the main benefit is the fat burning and the loss of weight without losing the nutrients required for a proper performance of the organism.

Side effects of Acai Berry

To be fair, it is important to investigate also the side effects produced by the product if there is any; however no side effects have been reported by the costumers.

Acai Berry clinical studies

Acai berry has been the subject of many investigations. One of these studies was conducted on the University of Florida, according to the results revealed by this study; acai berry triggered the destruction of about eighty six percent of carcinogenic cells of leukemia, and therefore this study provides a new light about additional benefits associated to the acai berries. Another study conducted by Agrilife Research has also proven that the intake of acai berries significantly increases the antioxidant activity on blood cells.

The final conclusion

After reviewing all the information collected, I can see it pointing only to one direction, and that is that Acai Berry has fairly gained popularity, and with all these positive contributions it is difficult to not to sound subjective. However, if you have been looking for a healthy weight loss treatment capable of provide you the results you are looking for, I truly believe that Acai Berry can help you. In any case you should always remember that there are no miracle pills and thus you should contribute by adopting a healthy diet and adopting a more active life.

Where to buy Acai Berry safety

At this point it is important to consider a couple of things. First of all, there are many websites which apparently are offering Acai Berry pills, however these sites provide different quantities at different prices…in addition you may not receive anything more but a fake product, and that without any guarantee and with the inevitable consequence of losing your money.

Amazon warning!

Such situation can occur even if you buy from reliable sites as Amazon, because such website does not really deals with natural products, instead the people of Amazon relies on third parties to package and deliver the product which also leads you to the chance of receiving something else instead of the real product.

After some research I found that the most reliable places where you can buy safely this product and at the best deals, where you can get the product with a back up guarantee of ninety days.

I placed my order, just to confirm the facts, and after just seven days I received my order, pretty quick! Again for reasons already mentioned which are obvious for everyone, it is better to resort to the official site to order the Acai Berry supplement of your preference, you can do it via the links provided below…

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