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Welcome to my website related to internal cleansing, I’m Pamela and I’ll be sharing with you some tips and advises that I have been able to collect through many years. I started this blog initially to post information related to the natural supplement Acai Berry Select and how its main ingredient helps to restore a healthy weight.

In my personal research I decided to investigate more about organic foods and natural therapies, since I was already a little bit familiar with Iridology and its amazing features. Although I did not have severe diseases by that time, I was concerned by some health issues like chronic anemia. I had many medical tests in order to find the source of the problem; however no doctor was able to provide me a valid answer or solution.

On top of that, some dark spots began to emerge on my face from which I was not able to get rid of through conventional treatments. There were many signs through which my body was trying to tell me what needed my attention the most. Only by means of an intensive research I were able to understand that there were many habits that I had to change, starting with my diet.

Berries of acai are certainly an amazing resource to cleanse your body and help your cells to rejuvenate. However, the solely supplement will not make miracles for you unless you really get to commit yourself with the recovery of a healthy life.

My personal experience has led me to change a few things in this blog so I can share with you general information in regards to a healthy lifestyle. Wellbeing begins with an optimal nutrition, how useful it is to get rid of your symptoms when the disease silently keeps evolving? You will still be able to find in this blog information related to Acai Berry Select if you want to browse it. However, I invite you to stay tuned and take a look on the new articles and videos I’ll be posting here.

Where to buy Acai Berry safety

After some research I found that the most reliable places where you can buy safely this product and at the best deals. I also invite you to learn more about iridology and energetic balance.

  • Acai Berry Select

    Acai Berry Select gathers the best of acai berry and combines it with additional natural assistance for weight loss.


    You can enjoy the most delicious meals and flavors and still maintain a healthy weight, here is how…

  • Inner Balance

    If your weight is above or below the normal levels, you can recover your ideal weight by harmonizing the involved energetic centers.

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